I’m a California native, really a “Valley Girl,” who migrated to San Diego after graduating from J-school at California State University, Fullerton. While attending college, I wrote for the school’s newspaper, The Daily Titan, and enrolled every semester in my favorite class – Scrubini ball – a modified co-ed softball game.

I am that girl who loved school. Even after class, I would pretend to be at school. Games like Scrabble and Boggle were exciting. I would happily visit the local library and read all the books I could fit into my schedule. My fondest memory in elementary school was my mother allowing me to order books from Scholastic.

I landed my first byline at The Burbank Leader. I was still in college and interned there on the suggestion from a professor. Better yet, I got paid for my stint there and purchased a brand new, mint-colored beach cruiser with my first paycheck. I was now a legit journalist.

The journalism landscape has changed dramatically since my college days. I had to carry floppy discs which would often melt on my dashboard in the Southern California sun. I used a Tandy laptop to send stories to my editor. Now I can edit my website ANYWHERE, but I am old school and still use a desk…and a mouse.

I met my husband at a favorite watering hole famous for their Oriental Chicken Salads in Pacific Beach. The rest is marital history and we are half-way to the finish line of raising our four children.